Enjoy your stay on the terrace in any weather all year round!

Transparent awnings – Great protection for your terrace, gazebos or carports from rain, snow and wind. These awnings are durable, practical to use, non-flammable, not afraid of moisture, sun, and cold. They are transparent as glass and easy to maintain.

Awnings do not need to be installed or removed each time before use. They protect the terrace or gazebo from adverse weather or environmental conditions. The premises will look as if they have just been installed or renovated. The transparent shade creates a pleasant atmosphere, spend time on your cozy terrace without worries in any weather conditions.

Transparent awning curtains are made of UV-resistant ACHILLES PVC awning fabric that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. This clear tarpaulin is fire resistant, certified to category B1. To ensure the safety and quality of the product, the composition of B1 fabric has been adjusted to the current DIN 4102-B1 standard. It now contains significantly more flame retardants, which provides a decisive additional opportunity to survive in the event of an accident.

An additional quality control mechanism is installed in the factory, the quality and compliance of each batch of fabric produced is checked, with the possibility to trace each roll produced.
Wind resistant
Water, rain resistant
UV sun rays resistant
Snow, cold resistant
FIre resistant
Made in JAPAN

Why do you have to entrust the production of your transparent PVC wall to Gikniaus "Kaukas" ?

The main answers to your questions. FAQ.
Do you have experience in producing transparent awnings?

UAB Gikniaus “Kaukas” has more than 30 years of work experience. We also improve the design and production processes by producing transparent awnings for you every day. This way you buy only the highest quality products.

How much does a tarpaulin design cost?

Designing your new transparent tarpaulin does not cost you an extra. All prices of the produced transparent awnings are provided without additional hidden fees.

Can I install awning by myself?

Our transparent awnings are extremely easy and simple to install. So you can really assemble them yourself.

Is there a quality guarantee for your awnings?

We provide a warranty for all products manufactured at UAB Gikniaus “Kaukas”.

What materials are used to manufacture transparent awning?

We use only the highest quality materials for the production of transparent awnings. The main components of the product are certified. We manufacture additional parts exclusively for ourselves, in our own metal workshop.

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