Production of awnings for transport from A to Z. From design to installation.

We produce transport awnings from time-tested and durable HEYTEX awnings made in Germany.
Awnings are divided into categories according to weights (1g / m²)

  • Lightweight short-term awnings from 450 g / m² – For advertisements, promotions, interior partitions.
  • From 650 g / m² – for outdoor conditions; for light curtains from precipitation and UV rays.
  • From 680 g / m² – awnings are required for often rolling, wearing, twisting systems.
  • 900 g / m² – tent fabric is selected for aggressive working conditions, agricultural, fieldwork, certified semi-trailers.
  • 900-1200 g / m² – for large product covers.

Why choose KAUKAS?

Experience, quality and innovation.
Everything under one roof
We design, manufacture and install awnings: everything under one roof. The customer has every opportunity to replace not only the awning, but also the old fastening, stretching and fixing parts with new ones. All parts for tensioning the tarpaulin are selected according to the features and specifications of your car.
More than 30 years of experience
Many years of experience, qualified and professional staff. We will always advise, consult and help you discover only the best solutions.
Only best materials
Tensioning straps exeptional high-quality with non-combing edges and made in Germany. Ratchets are mounting with stainless steel rivets. The tarpaulin materials are all certified and manufactured in Germany or Japan.

Other products and services

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