Production of military tents from A to Z. From design to installation.
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The frame of the tent is made of light aluminum structures. The main frame is foldable, ties are fixed to it to ensure the stability of the tent. It only takes up to 4 people to set up the tent without any training or tools.
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The tent is designed and manufactured with ventilation holes for free air movement to ensure a healthy and fresh indoor climate. Windows are designed to act as vents. The inner lining of the tent will retain the heat in the room.
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The tent requires minimal maintenance and costs. With use and care according to the instructions, You will enjoy easy using of the tent for many year.
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The erected tent is strong, stable and durable even in harsh weather conditions. The materials used are durable, resistant to water, temperature changes and UV rays.

Extremely easy-to-assemble base construction made of aluminium, connected by strong joints eliminating weak points or loose parts.

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