UAB Gikniaus "Kaukas"

PVC cover & tarpaulin manufacture, metal workshop since 1990.

KAUKAS is described in Lithuanian folklore as a creature that enriches good, harvest and gives wealth from the Cape of Plenty, in the form of a small man.

It was said: “Probably KAUKAS helps him.”

UAB Gikniaus “Kaukas”, which has been operating since 1990, is a family business. It is like a transport with well-lubricated wheels or a properly adjusted mechanism.

In addition to the owner V. Giknius, his wife and two sons work also in the company. Irena manages accounting, Tadas takes care of the production of awnings in Panevėžys, and Martynas is responsible for the activities in the metal workshop. In Šiauliai, the tent branch is headed by Aurimas Barškėtis.

We solve and offer solutions against the wind, rain, and sun with awnings and metal constructions manufactured by Kaukas. Advertising awnings, tents, outdoor cafes. The company also manufactures car frames, restores the geometry of trucks and their trailers after car accidents. Trailer-mounted doors, sliding roofs, and improved amenities.

The Gikniai family thought for a long time about how to name their company. He was looking for a name that would make sense. Like a child born, the name is given once. They decided to give the name “Kaukas”, the creator who cares for the house and wealth, imagined in the form of a human being. He is a symbol of goodness, the bearer of success.

In the yard of the company, there is a wooden sculpture depicting Kaukas. It’s a subtly done job. The author of this work is Adolfas Kartanas, a folk artist from Šeduva.

„Who does not go forward goes backwards: there is no state of serenity“

Vyturys Giknius

UAB Gikniaus "Kaukas" - General managerViturys Giknius

Martynas Giknius

Metal workshop managerMartynas Giknius

+370 685 32594
Tadas Giknius

Awning manufacture managerTadas Giknius

+370 656 49067
Aurimas Barškėtis

Šiauliai branch manager Aurimas Barškėtis

+370 656 49068
Daumantas Sudeikis - tentu pardavimo vadovas

Awning sales managerDaumantas Sudeikis

+370 633 31010

GIkniaus Kaukas tentų gamyba skaidrus tentai, tentai terasoms

GIkniaus Kaukas tentų gamyba skaidrus tentai, tentai terasoms

Why to choose Gikniaus "KAUKAS"?

Everything under one roof

We design, manufacture and install tarpaulins, covers and etc. under one roof. Customer has every opportunity to replace not only the awning, but also the old fastening, stretching, fixing parts with new ones. All parts for tensioning the tarpaulin are selected according to the features and specifications of your car.

More than 30 years of experience

Many years of experience, qualified and professional staff. We will always advise, consult and help you discover only the best solutions.

Only best materials

Tensioning straps exeptional high-quality with non-combing edges and made in Germany. Ratchets are mounting with stainless steel rivets. The tarpaulin materials are all certified and manufactured in Germany or Japan.

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Tarpaulin manufacture
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